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Recognizing Women Leaders in Enterprise Communications and IT

Enterprise Connect believes it’s vital to foster the careers of women in the field of enterprise communications/IT. That’s why we’re committed to offering opportunities for women in the industry to build their knowledge and personal networks via our Conference, Exhibition, and throughout the event through formal and informal networking opportunities. 


The event offers opportunities for learning, exchanging ideas, and creating connections that help build careers. We’re also committed to recognizing excellence and promise on the part of individual women in the industry.


Enterprise Connect 2022 - Women in Communications Highlights


Participating Sponsor:

Women in Communications Keynote Panel

Monday, March 25 | 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM

Building an Equitable Career Future for Everyone
This main-stage session will feature a roundtable discussion from women who have excelled in communications technology careers. They'll discuss how to forge a career path, how they handle obstacles, identify opportunities, and build on their goals. You'll come away with an understanding of how to shape your own career, and how to maximize or create your opportunities within the enterprise communications industry, and how to be more effective in creating a productive and successful workplace for yourself and your colleagues.

Spotlight Awards

Enterprise Connect is committed to fostering the careers of women in communications/collaboration roles within the enterprise, and to recognizing and celebrating women who demonstrate outstanding qualities of leadership and expertise in technology. 

Award recipients exhibit leadership within enterprise IT, promoting innovative ideas and sound strategies that move their businesses -- and even industries -- forward. Through their achievements, these women advance their profession of IT/communications within the enterprise. Through their actions and leadership, they serve as role models for a new generation of women seeking to excel in the profession of enterprise IT/communications.