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Enterprise Connect Diversity Partnership

At Enterprise Connect, we believe the enterprise communications/collaboration community has a responsibility to work toward making our industry as diverse as possible. We believe the industry needs to continually expand its talent pipeline to ensure there are opportunities for all as well as a robust emerging generation of aspiring tech professionals.

That’s why Enterprise Connect is proud to partner with The Diversity Org, a 501.3(c) nonprofit dedicated to helping underrepresented and minority students learn about how to obtain high-income and corporate careers. Together with Diversity Org, we will once again bring a group of Orlando-area students to Enterprise Connect on Tuesday, March 26, to help them learn about our industry, meet some of the leaders in our space, and become inspired to pursue careers in IT/communications technology.

We are grateful to those Enterprise Connect stakeholders participating in this programming, thereby demonstrating their commitment to our shared goal of building a more diverse IT/communications tech industry.

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding our Diversity and Inclusion efforts please email: Eric Krapf, Enterprise Connect GM and Program Co-Chair, [email protected].

Thank you to our sponsors for generously participating in the 2024 EC Diversity Partnership

Women in Communications

Women in Communications Program

We believe it’s vital to foster the careers of women in the field of enterprise communications/IT. That’s why we’re committed to offering opportunities for women in the industry to build their knowledge and personal networks via our Conference, Exhibition, and throughout the event through formal and informal networking opportunities. 

Enterprise Connect 2022 - Women in Communications Highlights

Advancing Accessibility

At Enterprise Connect, we firmly believe that IT/communications teams can be among their enterprises’ leaders in improving accessibility for employees with disabilities.  

Communications/collaboration technology offers many ways to improve the employee experience for those with disabilities, and we want Enterprise Connect 2024 to inspire you to be a difference-maker within your enterprise when it comes to accessibility.