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AI for IT Management


Managing AI presents challenges ranging from perennial IT issues like build vs. buy, to new structures such as the internal AI governance bodies that most enterprises have established to vet projects. In addition, AI itself brings new capabilities to the IT organization, promising advances in automation that could free up your teams to do higher-value work. This track will go in-depth on both the responsible use of AI and the promise of AI-driven improvements to systems management and cyber-defense.

AI for Productivity


AI-based tools are emerging for everything from employee collaboration to finance to coding. Do they really work? And even if they work, do they deliver on the productivity promise? This track will give you the facts about performance, cost, and ROI, so you can decide where to invest your organization’s limited time and money for the best payoff on AI technology in your enterprise.


AI for CX


Contact centers/CX have proven to be among the earliest success stories for Generative AI, with carefully-tracked metrics showing the potential for rapid and substantial improvements. So how does your contact center move from the early quick wins to the truly transformative applications? In this track, CX experts will show you the latest use cases, while helping you understand where compliance and reputational risks remain highest. You’ll see how close we are to self-service at scale with Gen AI—and where AI doesn’t make sense.